About Us

"We don't just Generate and Distribute Electrical Power… We Generate Association and Distribute Assurance."

CESC is India's first fully integrated electrical utility company ever since 1899, generating and distributing power in Kolkata and Howrah.

We have private participation in generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical power. We are the sole distributor of electricity within an area of 567sq km of Kolkata, Howrah and adjoining areas and serve 3.4 million consumers which include domestic, industrial, and commercial users. We own & operate two thermal power plants in our licensed area generating 885 MW of power. These are Budge Budge Generating Station (750 MW) and Southern Generating Station (135 MW) within our licensed area.

Amongst others, we have commissioned Haldia Thermal plant, which is a 600 MW project at Haldia, West Bengal. The entire power from Haldia is utilised to meet the total power requirement of CESC. The power from Haldia propagates to the city through dedicated 400KV network.

From our two embedded generating stations along with power from Haldia & Asansol, we accomplish around 85-90% of our customers' electricity requirement and remaining 15-10% is procured by purchase of electricity from other sources. Around 30% of the required coal is sourced from captive mines for generation of electricity in Budge Budge.

We also have a presence in the renewable fields with Solar Power Plants in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu, with a combined capacity of 27MW.

CESC has its distribution network at EHV (220kV & 132kV), HV (33kV, 11kV, 6kV) and LV (0.4 kV) levels to supply power to its consumers. The distribution system comprises 666 circuit km of EHV lines, 8762 circuit km of HV lines and 13798 circuit km of LV lines to interconnect 27 no. Substations (220kV / 132kV / 33kV & 132kV / 33kV), 115 no. Distribution Stations (33kV / 11-6kV), 8749 no. LT Substations & Package Substations (11-6 kV / 0.42 kV) and consumers at different voltage levels.

We continuously strive to provide the best-in-class service to our consumers. We have carefully designed each of our Online Services in a way, that can be seamlessly accessed and operated through the electronic platform. This enables our Consumers to avail all our services online, from the comfort of their homes.

Our zeal lies to stay true and deliver exceptional service to all our stakeholders, who are with us on this relentless journey with a hope that they will continue to be part of our journey.