Roof Top Solar Sources


Injection from roof top sources will be settled through net metering in terms of applicable regulations of the Hon’ble West Bengal Electricity Regulatory Commission.


Capacity   5 KW or more
Consumer Category
  • Government and private hospitals and health centres.
  • Hospitals and health centres owned and run by any private charitable organization.
  • Government, Government aided and private schools and academic institutions.
  • Government offices and organizations.
  • Any housing complex already promoted for this purpose by Government or any Government agency for the development of renewable sources.
  • Local bodies like Municipalities and Panchayats.
  • Consumers of any housing complex located in the same premises.
  • Commercial/ Industrial organizations.
  • Any institutions registered under any statute

(Reference: West Bengal Electricity Regulatory Commission (Cogeneration and Generation of Electricity from Renewable Sources of Energy) Regulations, 2013 Clause 6.1 (v) c.)

SPOC for Roof Top Solar Sources

SPOC Designation Address Tel. No. Email Id.
Arijit Basu General Manager (Customer Relations) RPSG House, 2/4 Judges Court Road, Alipore, Kolkata-700 027 9831054662