Guidelines for New Connections


The Online New Connection Application is simple and easy to use.
To use our Online Service we would require your e-mail Id and Mobile Number to
Communicate with you.
The following will be required to be entered as the case may be :

  • Your Unique Identification Number as mentioned in your Voter ID Card/ Aadhar Card/ Passport/ Driving License.
  • Witness1’s Unique Identification Number in Voter ID card/ Aadhar Card/ Passport/ Driving License.
  • Witness2’s Unique Identification Number in Voter ID card/ Aadhar Card/ Passport/ Driving License.
  • In case of a Commercial supply, the current trade License Number issued by KMC/ HMC/ Municipal Authority along with the date of validity.
  • Name, Address, Unique Identification Number, Valid License Number of the Government Licensed Electrical Contractor, its Supervisor and Workman who have tested the installation at your premises in question, along with the date of validity.
  • To make an Online New Connection Application kindly follow the following steps :
    • Click on the Registration Button and fill up the details as asked. Proceed by clicking on the submit button.
    • Once submitted, the password would be sent to your e-mail id. Kindly obtain the password from your mailbox in order to continue with the application.
    • Once the password is obtained please login and change your password in case you so desire. Kindly remember the password which you will require to access the system.
    • Once you have logged in the Annexure A form would be displayed. Please fill in the details as required and submit the same after indicating the location of the premises using the map provided.
    • You can also furnish the location of your premises in text box provided for the purpose.
    • Once Annexure A is submitted, the ‘Annexure A Number’, Mains Reference Number and the inspection date will be displayed. You can view and save the Annexure A and inspection letter generated. You will also receive SMS and e-mail in this regard.
    • Post inspection, you will be intimated of our next course of action through SMS or email.
    • Upon receipt of our communication mentioning our intention to provide you supply in respect of your
      Application you would be required to again login to the system using your login and password.
    • The screen will display the offer letter along with the MASD bill along with the other statutory compliances required in respect of your Application.
    • The MASD Bill can be paid by any of the following modes of payment- Cash, Draft, Banker`s Cheque & Online Payment.
    • Upon clicking on each of the item displayed (i.e. Annexure B, Test Form and other compliances) you will be required to fill up the relevant details


The following procedures complying with the Hon’ble WBERC (Standards of Performance of Licensee relating to Consumers Services) Regulations 2010 dated 31.05.2010 stipulated by West Bengal Electricity Regulatory Commission (WBERC) are required to be followed by each applicant who apply for new connection / alteration of service.

  • Applicant is required to submit a form (Annexure-A), which will be considered as ‘request for inspection & estimate.’ This ‘Annexure-A’ form is of following types:-
    • For Domestic (any load) / Commercial Load less than 8.5 KW or 10 KVA Blue coloured.
    • For Commercial Load 8.5 KW or 10 KVA and above Violet colored.
    • For Industrial Green colored.

    and is available near the Mains PRF Counter of the concerned District.

  • Please ensure that you have collected the appropriate ‘Annexure-A’ form, since the EMD is also different depending on category.
  • Please fill up both the portions of ‘Annexure-A’ (pages 1 & 2) and the ‘Applicant’s information input Form’ (pages 3 & 4) correctly and neatly.
  • A rough sketch showing the location of the premises where supply is required has to be provided either in the space provided on Page 4 or in a separate ‘A4’ size white paper. This will act as a guide map to our inspector to reach the site and should have landmarks, if any.
  • There is a provision in the ‘Annexure-A’ form to opt for bearing the Cost of Meter. In case you opt to bear the cost of the Meter the amount will be indicated in our Offer letter / Service Charges bill.
  • Before submission of this form the applicant has to pay the ‘Earnest Money Deposit’ (EMD) at the Regional / District Office cash counter and then submit the receipted form at our application receiving counter. The payment of EMD will be received either in cash or draft or Banker’s cheque.
  • The rates of Earnest Money Deposits (EMD) are :
    • For Blue coloured ‘Annexure-A’ form: Rs. 200/-
    • For Violet coloured ‘Annexure-A’ form: Rs. 1,000/-
    • For Green coloured ‘Annexure-A’ form: Rs. 2,000/-
  • Application will only be processed after payment of EMD.
  • The date of inspection will be communicated through a letter across the counter for all applications received after payment of EMD.
  • Subsequent to the inspection you will receive a communication from us which may include the Offer letter. In the said Offer letter all the compliances to be made will be stated.
    Along with the Offer letter form ‘Annexure-B’ (in duplicate), Form-1 and MASD Bill will be sent to you.
    The ‘Annexure-B’ form, both Original & Duplicate may kindly be duly filled in and signed by the appropriate persons and submitted to us for our necessary action. Subsequently one copy of the ‘Annexure-B’ form will be sent back to you for your records.
    Upon payment of the MASD Bill submit the Form-1 duly signed.
    You are also required to kindly submit the ‘Annexure-B’ form both original and duplicate ONLY after you have complied with all the statutory compliances as mentioned in our Offer letter.
  • Cost of ‘Annexure-A’ and ‘Annexure-B’ is Rs. 5/- each, and this will be recovered along with Service Charge and Security Deposit through MASD bill.
  • Payment of MASD Bill, by any of the following modes of payment- Cash, Draft, Banker`s Cheque & Online Payment, will be deemed to be one of the compliances.
  • Once ALL compliances have been met the case will mature for job execution.
  • The time limit, as stipulated by WBERC in their Regulation, to meet ALL the compliances is 90 DAYS from the date of the Offer letter.
  • EMD is liable to be forfeited if MASD Bill is not paid within 90 days from the date of Bill / Offer letter.
  • EMD will be refunded in Part or Full for applications where supply cannot be provided for any valid reason. EMD will not be refunded where the Applicant fails to comply with statutory requirement(s). If the amount of EMD paid is higher than the summated value of service charge, security deposit and cost of ‘Annexure-A’ and ‘Annexure-B’ forms then the differential amount will be refunded after execution of job and effecting supply.
  • Once the supply has been effected, the first electricity consumption bill will be sent subsequently.