Know Your Meter

The Consumer Energy Meter (CEM) is an all-electronic, solid state, poly phase energy meter which accurately measures all parameters of the supply voltage, current, power-factor, KW, KVAr, KVA etc., in addition to active, reactive & apparent energies (as the case may be). The CEM is designed around an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) based micro-controller with its own programming language. It also has a high degree of programmability to accommodate various types of applications & tariffs.

The Metering System provides a total solution to Energy Metering. It is not a meter alone or energy-billing computer, but an all-encompassing system that covers all these aspects. It offers in one package a complete system for the analysis of power and revenue.

Meters are read in the following manner :

a) Manual Reading from the Meter display window — For viewing Display Sequence, click here
b) The meters are Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) enabled. Remote Meter Reading (RMR) is carried out through GSM/GPRS Modems. The Modems are connected to the meters through their optical / RS232 ports.
c) The meter reading Instrument (MRI), an instrument used by meter readers for electronically collecting the meter readings & other performance data from the CEM.


a) An analogue to digital converter is used to sample voltage and current relative to incoming waveform.
b) High sampling rate gives exceptionally accurate results with highly reliable non-volatile memory.
c) The data from non-volatile memory can either be displayed on the LCD display or can be communicated via an optical communication port on to a hand-held MRI