Grievance Redressal (GRO & Ombudsman)

As a part of our constant endeavor to improve customer service, our grievance handling system has been further restructured. The existing system of registering consumer complaints at Regional Offices or over telephone will continue. If, however, any of our existing / intending consumers are not satisfied with the resolution of their complaint at the initial stage and have further grievances, they should approach the designated 'Grievance Redressal Officers' (GROs) of their Region / District, or 'Central Grievance Redressal Officers' (CGROs) with written petition in three copies, for commercial / supply related issues within 90 (ninety) days from the date of occurrence of the cause of action.

The GROs/CGROs will receive the consumer's / intending consumer's petition and acknowledge the same in writing. Thereafter, the consumer's / intending consumer’s grievance will be investigated and appropriate hearing(s) will be given to the consumer / intending consumer in order to redress the grievance. Finally, the GRO/CGRO will pass a reasoned order, which will be communicated to the Petitioner.

In the unlikely event of the Petitioner not being satisfied with the Order of GRO/CGRO, the Petitioner may make a representation to the Ld. Ombudsman at the following address: -

Office of the Ombudsman
West Bengal Electricity Regulatory Commission
(Appointed under section 42[6) of the Electricity Act, 2003)
Plot No: AH-5 (2nd Floor), Premises No: MAR 16-1111,
Action Area-1A, New Town, Rajarhat,

A representation to the Ld. Ombudsman should be filed in terms with applicable Regulations of Notification No. 56/WBERC published by Hon'ble West Bengal Electricity Regulatory Commission on 26’ August 2013.

Kindly note that a consumer / intending consumer must first approach the concerned Grievance Redressal Officer or one of the Central Grievance Redressal Officers before representing the case to the Id. Ombudsman. The details of the GROs and CGROs are available on our website.

A format for filing Representation to the Ed. Ombudsman in terms of Regulations 9.3 of notification No. 56/WBERC published by Hon'ble West Bengal Electricity Regulatory Commission on 26th, August 2013 is as follows: -

The Ombudsman,
West Bengal Electricity Regulatory Commission,




Representation against an order of the GRO/CGRO of __________/
Representation against non-compliance of order of GRO/
CGRO by the licensee / Representation when the GRO/CGRO has
not passed any order on a grievance petition of the aggrieved consumer/.
Consumer's Service Connection No. ____________________________________;
Category ____________; Location of Connection _________________________;
____________________; Name of Distribution Licensee ___________________;
Consumer grievance no. with date given by the GRO/CGRO _________________.

[In this space please state the grievance in brief but please provide all relevant details]

Certified that the above information is complete and correct and nothing material has been omitted which will have effect on the case. I have filed / not filed any case pertaining to similar complaint in any Court of Law or under the provisions of the Electricity Act, 2003 with any other Authority. (if any case / complaint has been filed, please enclose a copy of the plaint, a copy of any order received from any Court of Law, etc.).

Yours faithfully,

(Signature with date)

Complainant's Name: ________________________

Contact No./Telephone No.: __________________

(If any)

Postal Address: ______________________________




(a) Copy of the grievance petition submitted to the Grievance Redressal Officer.
(b) Copy of Order, if any, passed by Grievance Redressal Officer.
(c) Copy of any other relevant document in support (please specify).