Frequently Asked Questions

LT Consumers
Online Payment

1) How can I pay online?
You need to visit the Quick Bill Pay section on our corporate website and proceed by selecting the preferred mode of payment.

2) What are the modes of Online Payment?
You can pay by Net Banking, Credit Card or Debit Card, ECS & RTGS/ NEFT.

3) How do I get the payment receipt for the payment?
Auto-generated transaction/ payment receipt would be sent to your registered email-id.

4) What if I do not get the payment receipt?
If payable amount is debited/ charged from your bank account / card but somehow you do not receive the transaction/ payment receipt then you can do any of the following:

  • You can download the receipt from our website within 2 (two) working days subject to receiving the payment confirmation from your bank/ card issuing authority through the concerned payment gateway to CESC Limited.
  • Before re-try, please wait for atleast 2 (two) working days as stated above.
  • If you want to re-try to make payment against the same bill to avoid consequences due to uncertainty of payment confirmation from your bank/ card issuing authority to CESC Limited or you are not able to download last payment receipt after 2 (two) working days then you have to take up the matter with the respective bank/ card issuing authority for refund of the previous unsuccessful transaction. CESC Limited will not be responsible for such refund.

5) What if payable amount is debited/ charged from my bank account / card twice?
In case of double payment, confirmed by your bank/ card issuing authority in due time, excess payment amount (if any) or such extra payment will be adjusted in the other unpaid bills/ immediate subsequent bills.

Advance Payment Information

1) How can I go for advance payment?
You to draw a cheque in favour of CESC Limited for the amount to be deposited as advance payment and submit the cheque along with an unpaid current month's bill at any of our Cash Offices. The excess amount will be carried forward to your next month's bill as credit adjustment from which the monthly bills will be debited. For cash payment, you will have to contact your Regional Office for endorsement.

2) Is there any Interest on the excess amount paid?
Yes, the excess amount paid will attract an interest of 6% per annum on the reducing balance.

3) Will there be any statement for the adjusted payment?
Although there will not be any separate statement for advance payment, clear information will be provided each month on the electricity bill itself.


1. What is Electronic Clearing Service (ECS)?
ECS is an electronic mode of payment / receipt for transactions that are repetitive and periodic in nature. ECS is used by institutions for making bulk payment of amounts towards distribution of dividend, interest, salary, pension, etc., or for bulk collection of amounts towards telephone / electricity / water dues, electricity / tax collections, loan installment repayments, periodic investments in mutual funds, insurance premium etc. Essentially, ECS facilitates bulk transfer of money from one bank account to many bank accounts or vice versa.

2. How is ECS Debit Scheme useful to CESC's consumers?
ECS Debit mandate facilitates auto payment of electricity dues of consumers on the due dates from their mandated bank accounts without them having to visit CESC's collection centers. You will also be entitled to receive 1% additional e-rebate for availing this mode of Online payment. Consumers also need not keep track of due date for payments. In the event, the debit does not take place on the due date for reasons beyond the Company's control, the same will take place on the earliest available clearing day.

3. How does a Consumer activate his ECS Debit Scheme?
The ECS mandate form (form for enrolment for ECS Debit Scheme) may be downloaded from the ECS tab under Quick Bill Pay section on this website, which in turn should be signed by the consumer and submitted in triplicate (3 copies) at BILLDESK's office (BillDesk at "CESC - ECS SCHEME,Unit No. 3F, 3RD Floor, 12 Ho Chi Min Sarani, Kolkata- 700071) along with a signed cancelled cheque of the bank account against which the ECS mandate is being given and a copy of the last paid Electricity Bill. BillDesk is the service providing agency for CESC's ECS Debit Scheme.

4. Can a Consumer avail doorstep ECS registration facility?
Yes, a Consumer can call our Express ECS helpline number 7044471644 for availing doorstep ECS registration facility. Our representative will bring the Mandate form and assist the Consumer to fill up the same at the Place and Time of the Consumer's convenience. He will then bring back the completed Mandate for further processing and the Consumer will receive a communication from our end when the registration process is completed.

5. Is it mandatory to mention mobile no. & mail id in ECS mandate form?
While submission of contact details is not mandatory under RBI guidelines, it would facilitate communication between CESC / BillDesk and the consumer.

6. Can the mandate once given by a consumer be withdrawn or stopped?
Yes, a consumer may stop or withdraw his ECS mandate any time, by submitting a request in the required form in the My CESC section on this website. It would take about 25-30 days to effect the deactivation after receipt of such request. The term 'ECS' will not reflect on the consumer's bill after deactivation.

7. Can a Consumer change his bank account for ECS Debit?
A consumer cannot change his bank account in any existing mandate. However, he may deactivate his existing ECS mandate and fill up a fresh mandate form with new bank details (Ref to Question no. 3).

8. How long will it take to activate the process?
It will take 30-45 days to activate ECS Debit Scheme after receipt of duly filled up mandate form with other required documents. Once activated, the term 'ECS' will reflect on consumer's bill.

9. What happens if collection of any bill under ECS fails due to insufficiency of funds in consumer's bank A/c or due to any other technical / non-technical reasons?
In case ECS is returned due to any technical reason, (e.g. server problem etc.), the bill would be resent for collection under ECS on the subsequent working day. In case of failure due to insufficiency of funds or any other non-technical reasons, the consumer will have the option of depositing the bill amount in cash / cheque after due authorization by CESC's Commercial Dept. at its Regional Offices .

10. What is the process of refund if a bill is paid twice; once directly at CESC's collection centers and also through ECS?
In case of any double / excess payment (ECS + Payment by any other method), such excess payment would be treated as advance payment by the consumer and credited to consumers' Advance Payment A/c. Such amount would be adjusted with subsequent bills of the consumer and would carry an interest @ 6% p.a. till the time the same is fully adjusted with subsequent dues of the consumer.

11. What happens to an existing ECS mandate of a consumer in case his supply is disconnected / transferred?
The existing ECS mandate corresponding to a consumer number from latest bill is automatically cancelled on transfer / disconnection of supply.
All written communications relating to the ECS scheme should be addressed to:

BillDesk at "CESC - ECS SCHEME,
Unit No. 3F, 3RD Floor,
12 Ho Chi Min Sarani
Kolkata- 700071
Ph No. 033-4003 5101 / 02 / 03

For any clarification / assistance / guidance on related issues, consumers may contact BillDesk / CESC at the following numbers on weekdays:

Bill Desk: Phone no. 033-4003 5101 / 02 / 03 - Any time between 10.00 AM and 06.00 PM during Monday to Friday and between 10.00 AM and 01.00 PM on Saturdays; E-Mail Id:
CESC Email-ID:

Installation of Air Conditioner

1) If I want to install an AC at home, what do I do?
Send Commercial Department at your Regional Office an application letter mentioning your Consumer Number from latest bill and the capacity of the AC to be installed. Based on this a bill for Additional Security Deposit will be given to you. After payment of this bill, permission can be given to install the AC subject to exchange of meter / service strengthening.

2) Do I need to apply at the District Office?
If you want to install more than 2 (nos.) Air Conditioners, you need to apply for additional load through ANNEXURE A form at the office of concerned District Engineer of your Region. You may also apply online through the AC application programme at the My CESC section in this website.

Know your Security Deposit (SD)

1) What is the basis of calculation of Security Deposit?
Basically the Security Deposit for a consumer is equivalent to three times the average bill value for the financial year under reference. For a new applicant, the SD will be determined on the basis of the load applied.

2) When am I required to pay additional Security Deposit (SD)?
Each year the Security Deposit is reviewed in the month of April on the basis of last one year consumption. The statement of SD account is given in the bill for the month of April. If the maintainable SD is more than the SD “held” amount, additional SD is required to be deposited.

3) What happens if the SD held amount is more than SD maintainable amount?
In case of excess SD, you will get 10% annual interest on the excess amount held which will be credited in the bill for April each year. However the excess SD “held” will be refunded on the receipt of an application in this regard to the concerned Regional Office or adjusted with your future monthly bills as the case may be. The application can also be submitted online by clicking here.

4) What is the rate of interest on SD?
The SD held will attract an interest of 6% per annum if it is equal or less than SD “Maintainable” for the financial year under reference.

Change of Name

1) When do I need to have the supply transferred?
If there is a change in ownership/tenancy/occupancy, then you need to apply to have the supply transferred.

2) What is the procedure for Transfer of Supply?
We have introduced online change of name by which a person can access the Online Name Change application through the My CESC section on this website, read the guidelines carefully and fill up necessary forms, upload necessary documents and we will process the name change request at our end. The security deposit amount can also be paid online, thus savings your valuable time.
You may also apply for the same offline at our Regional Offices and comply with the requisite formalities.
The Security Deposit held will be refunded to the ex-consumer less dues, if any, after the change of name.

Change of Tariff

1) How can I change the tariff category of my meter?
Apply online or send an application to the Regional Office, Commercial Department. The tariff category may be changed after carrying out an inspection.


1) If my supply has been disconnected, how can I get it restored?
You need to approach the Commercial Department of your Regional Office with your Consumer Number from the latest bill. Your supply may be restored upon compliance of necessary formalities, including payment of outstanding bill amount, reconnection charge (`30/-) and additional Security Deposit, if required.

Correction of Name / Address

1) How can I correct my address and spelling of my name?
You need to give an application quoting your Consumer Number from the latest bill and the supporting documents regarding correction including your photo identity card.

Load Enhancement and Shifting of Supply

1) How can I apply for load enhancement and shifting of supply?
You need to apply in ANNEXURE A form which is available at CESC District Offices with the initial payment of Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) as mentioned in the said form. After inspection and payment of requisite charges, the job can be executed.
You can also download the form (Annexure A), apply online by visiting the Online New Connection application from My CESC section of this website.

Reading of Meter

1. What is the normal reading span for monthly meter reading?
Meter reading should normally be taken between a period of 28 and 32 days from the last reading date.

2. Why does a consumer receive rental/average bill when his/her meter was read by CESC?
If the meter reading noted is at variance with the past recorded pattern of consumption, the same will be kept under observation. Hence a Meter Rental/Average Bill will be tendered.

Billing, Dispatch and Payment

1. Are the Tariff Slab and Government Duty Adjustments given in case of a consolidated bill?
Yes. Appropriate adjustments for Rate and Government Duty are given in such cases.

2. How can I be sure that no average bills will be sent to me during the period I will remain out of station?
Kindly write to the Senior Commercial Executive of your region mentioning the period that you will not be using the meter. However you are required to ensure free access to our meter board regularly.

3. Are we required to inform CESC if there is a possibility of variation in my consumption?
You are requested to inform our Senior Commercial Executive in writing.

4. Do I get a proper Rate Adjustment in case of a consolidated bill?
Yes. Appropriate rate adjustment is given in such case.

5. Does the Notice Bill include all arrears up to date?
Yes, the current bill includes all arrears of previous months.
6. How bills are delivered?
Our bills are handed over to our Couriers (normal bills)/Postal Authorities (Notice Bills) sufficiently ahead of the due date so as to reach you on time.

7. How to get a Copy Bill?
For those consumers whose e-mail id is registered with us, we send e-bills every month, which may also be paid online. To receive e-bills, kindly register on this website at the My CESC section. You can also download a copy bill from the My CESC section on this website or you may collect it from any of our cash offices/regional offices by simply mentioning your consumer number from the latest bill.

8. How the bill forwarding address/mailing address can be changed?
Kindly inform your proposed bill forwarding address in writing to the Senior Commercial Executive of your Region mentioning your Consumer Number from latest bill.

9. If the bill is paid twice how will the same be adjusted/refunded?
Our payment matching system is fully computerized and any double/excess payment will automatically be adjusted in the subsequent bill.

Meter Testing

1. When are CESC meters tested?
Meters are tested under two conditions:
a) At consumer's request
b) Proactive checks, if necessary

2. Where can I register my complaint pertaining to Defective/Stopped meter?
At CESC Regional Offices and on the website

3. What action is taken on the complaint of a slow/fast meter?
CESC will test the meter at site. If the meter is found defective, it will be replaced and necessary adjustments made in the subsequent bills.

Power factor

What is power factor?

Power Factor (PF) is an indicator of efficient utilization of power. In an AC (Alternating Current) electrical power system, PF is defined as the ratio of real power flowing to the load, to the apparent power in the circuit and is a dimensionless number. In order to have an “efficient” system, we want PF to be as close to 1.0(i.e. 100%) as possible, this will provide maximise utilisation of the electrical circuit.

What causes low power factor?

Inductive loads, which are sources of Reactive Power, are mainly responsible for low PF. These constitute a major portion of power consumed in industrial complexes and include:

  • Induction Motors
  • High Intensity Discharge Lighting etc.
  • Fluorescent lamps (CFLs, Tube Lights), LED Bulbs

Why improve power factor?

  • Increased capacity and reduced losses in electrical system: Low power factor causes losses in distribution system. By improving PF, losses can be reduced which in turn can enhance the capacity to bear additional load in your system.
  • Improves voltage profile and reliability of installations
  • Moreover, low PF not only causes unnecessary increase in generation and transmission capacity of the utility, in a broader perspective, it actually increases amount of greenhouse gases that get released into the atmosphere.
  • LT Commercial consumer having contract demand of 10kVA and above, LT Industrial consumers, LT Public Water Works may be required to pay power factor surcharge as may be specified by the Hon’ble West Bengal Electricity Regulatory Commission.

How to improve power factor?

  • Install capacitor close to motors/loads
  • Switch on or off the capacitor in tandem with motor / load - This will maximise reactive compensation and provide relief to your internal electrical network. To avoid manual operation, you may install Automatic Power Factor Controller (APFC).
  • Use Automatic Power Factor Controllers that will regulate power factor close to unity. Depending on load, the regulator will switch capacitors.

How to size capacitors to improve power factor?

Existing Load in KW = 48kW
Existing power factor = 0.84
Existing Load In kVA = (Existing Load in kW / Existing power factor) = 48/0.8 = 57kVA
Target power factor = 0.97
Revised Load in kVA (Existing Load in kW/Target power factor = 48/.97= 49.48kVA
Desired rating of the capacitor bank to improve the power factor from 0.80 to 0.97
√(Existing kVA2 - Load in kW2) - √(Revised kVA2 - Load in kW2) = 19 KVAR.
APFC design may be in 3 stages - 2 kVAR; 3 kVAR; 6 kVAR; 8 kVAR